The official home of game developers Spiral House has released another trailer for their new game title “Troll and I“. In it, there’s a touch of backstory about how Otto and his Troll buddy grouped up.

Following the sketch of a young chap named Otto and his improbable affection with troll, Troll and I happens in the “magnificent mountains” of post WW2, 1950’s Scandinavia. Seekers are in quest for the apparent tremendous animal and, teenage Otto has lately moved into the forest to “live in concordance with nature”, he gets to know the brute out of a mutual love of the wild.

Tore from his town when heartless seekers searching for Troll wreck his home. Presently with an prize on his head, Otto experiences and gets to know Troll, a tricky animal of fables and legend who has figured out how to remain escaped the world… up to this point. Put together by conditions out of their control, two stories of hopeless survival get to be distinctly one. 

“As voracious men smoldered the world,” says Otto in the trailer above, “looking to make a trophy out of legend they misinterpreted ; as eyeless men tear separated the mountains, released the powers that they can’t think of, it is not acceptable to live here anymore: we will battle to protect our home.”

The release date in the US is March 21st, and March 24th, in Europe. 


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