In a scene where all the major smartphone production companies are working hard to deliver the best, which of them really is the best? The hardware specifications of each of the flagship may be quite different from each other but at the end of the day, all we need is the performance! To compare the speeds of some of the most widely selling and popular flagships of the current era, we have picked up the following phones:

As generally advertised, all of these smartphones feature some pf the best-looking resources to deliver a whopping fast speed but still, a number of differences remain among them.

Booting Time

According to the video above, the AnTuTu benchmark has categorized the phones according to different factors and one of them is Booting up time. As the results show, the iPhone 7 is the fastest among all for this particular test. The Galaxy S8 stands as a runner up in this case, then LG G6 and then XPERIA XZ Premium.

As AnTuTu benchmark is famous for delivering the detailed benchmark results, the scores are also detailed. Standing at the first position, iPhone 7 has scored around 179,000, while the Android competitors don’t even stand near it. The figures shown in the results are disappointing for Samsung Galaxy S8 fans as the LG G6 has scored even more than it- Thanks to the Snapdragon 821 housed in it.

maxresdefault Speed Tests: Which one is the fastest among Galaxy S8, iPhone 7, LG G6, and Xperia XZ Premium

WiFi Test

The second and also another important test conducted to compare the phones is the WiFi test where the scene was a bit different. Although Apple’s flagship has shown good figures with a download speed of 195 MBps, Samsung Galaxy S8 has scored even better and the download speed achieved by it was 197 MBps which gives it the first position. Xperia XZ Premium stands nowhere in the list with the lowest score of 157 MBps.

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