Just when we are headed to the release of Far Cry 5, the publishing studio of the game has revealed its trophy list.

The list shows that the game will have an estimated gameplay of 20 – 30 hours for those who want to reach a platinum level standard. It’s actually not a spoiler, rather a fair prior notification for the gamers.

FC5 Announce Fishing 1495742792 Far Cry 5 trophy list: Youd need to surpass a 20 30 hour platinum run!

It was revealed by the website Powerpyx, which terms the gameplay to be “very achievable 20-30 hour platinum.”

Earlier, it was brought to our attention with a new screenshot of the PS4 Pro version of Far Cry 5, which showed that a ‘higher resolution’ and ‘better graphics’ option has been added to the game, which was absolutely loved by the gamers.

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