While the Far Cry 5 release draws near, we are getting more and more updates. Although the consoles haven’t said much about any upcoming updates officially, there might be a set of updates releasing for the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

FC5 Screenshot Coop Hunting 1080p 1509381150 Console gamers might get to see a higher res/better graphics option in Far Cry 5

This came to our attention when a new screenshot of the PS4 Pro version of Far Cry 5 was released. A ‘higher resolution’ and ‘better graphics’ has been added to it, which makes us believe that the other consoles might also follow the idea.

Such images, when tested for credibility, are on a 50/50 scale. So, we can’t say much about the tweaks added in the game for better resolution in consoles.
Far Cry 5 will be released for the consoles on March 27th.

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