While we were counting the total number of titles released for Nintendo Switch in all the regions, Switch has announced an all-new action-RPG. Named as Fall of Light: Darkest Edition, the title is soon coming to the Nintendo Switch platform.

62500 04 fall light darkest edition nintendo switch trailer Fall of Light: Darkest Edition coming to Nintendo Switch with an amazing storyline!

The Content

Content-wise, the game looks amazing as the players will be going through the story-driven dungeons that are completely consumed by darkness.

The player will be taking control of an old warrior called Nyx, whose mission is set on safely taking his daughter Aether (the glowing luminescence girl) to see the last remnants of sunlight.

Players will be able to choose between 20 different battle stances and 10 weapon classes that range from close-up combo’s with short-range weapons to long-range weapons such as crossbows. The Darkest Edition will be featuring an all-new dungeon, with new enemies and new weapons for them to be slain with.


There is no confirmed release date for Fall of Light: Darkest Edition so we’ll have to wait a bit more for details to come out!

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