With cryptocurrencies making their way to the top, we have seen some fraudulent developers trying to make a penny with wrong means. A similar kind of scenario was seen in Apple’s App store where an unofficial app was found at the top of the list. It was actually a fake ‘Crypto App’ and the surprising part is not that how it reached the top position but Apple’s reaction on this is raising questions.

myether apple Apple App Store under the impression of fake cryptocurrency apps


This is what the app is called and is being sold for $4.99 in the App Store. The app isn’t new to the App Store as it is here for almost a week and people have warned the officials about this fraud multiple times. The app was found to be at number 3 in the finance category of the store and all this happened while BTC was jumping over the face of USD. For those of you who know about MyEtherWallet as a genuine app, you are 100% correct as the actual app is a real one but the one we are discussing here, is working with the same name looting a great number of naive people.

As far as the latest updates are coming, we are sure that the app might have been removed while this article is being posted!


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