Facebook is undergoing a process of constant changes and as a part of the same campaign, the management decided to split the news feed tab into two, one for the Friends and Family post and the other for exploring the content other than that. The other tab known as “Explore tab.” could include the content of the pages that users follow. But at the end, Facebook thought it to be a flop idea!

457D1C5400000578 0 image a 17 1508411666727 Facebook turns down the idea of continuing with its Explore tab, merges all the content on a single tab!

The test was being carried out in a limited number of locations which started back in October 2017. Now at this point, Facebook’s head of news feed, Adam Mosseri, says:

You gave us our answer, people don’t want two separate feeds.

This statement has the simplest form of answer that could have been possible! Facebook must have gathered all the feedback both formally and informally regarding the further continuation of the splitting idea.

One of the clear reasons could be that the page owners and sponsored content runners would have a seriously low traffic, resulting in their sales graphs going down. Besides, splitting the news feed means that you want the users to scroll through a dedicated tab of sponsored and most of the times, unwanted content. The users were “less satisfied with the posts they were seeing”, adding that having two different feeds “didn’t actually help them connect more with friends and family”.

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