Facebook has announced new ways for publishers to package their stories and let the FB users read it regularly. It’s more like a Snapchat Discover where content can be molded in any way to make it interesting.

fb1 Facebook will be a platform for media outlet

via: wired.com

The selected publishers will now cover any image, video and Instant Articles to broadcast it. They might merge various media to come up with a brand new story. They can comment or share any article they like.

On the other side, the Facebook users can benefit from it by subscribing to publishers’ digest, magazines or journals here and will receive a notification on the arrival of a new edition.

“More than a year after launching Instant Articles, we continue to explore new features that improve the experience for people and publishers alike. Publishers have told us they’d like to experiment with presenting packages of stories to their most engaged readers on Facebook,” Josh Roberts, Facebook’s product manager, updated the media.

Although this new shift is not an entirely new experience, as users have been doing it (swiping through numerous articles), it is for the first time a publisher itself can collect various sources and curate it. Similarly, subscription to it is a new idea.

Facebook will now maintain 20 major media partners whose reporting and covering can be experienced as a magazine in the form of FB News Feed, which makes it more like Snapchat Discover.

It is reported that for trial basis, Facebook is undergoing testing procedures with ten partners: Bild, BuzzFeed, El Pais, Fox News, Hindustan Times, India Times, Refinery29, USA TODAY, The Sun and the Washington Post.

“We’re in the very early stages of developing this feature and understanding which use cases it could enable for our publishing partners,” Roberts wrote. “As we better understand the value this experience provides people and publishers, we look forward to working with more of our partners to help shape the future direction of this experience.”

It is indeed a learned blend of social media and mass communication.

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