Facebook the most used social networking apps that connects the 2 billion users around the globe. The social media giant track its users’ habits, taste and use of the app, then send the ads to the user. For the last five years the Facebook is alleged of track the users online internet activity even when they are logged off.

According to the Fortune report, “the U.S. judge has dismissed nationwide litigation accusing Facebook of tracking users’ internet activity even after they logged out of the social media website”.

zuckerberg 1420080282 Facebook track your internet activity even when you are logged out. The court dismissed the case against Facebook

Last Friday, the judge said the plaintiffs are totally responsible to keep private the users internet activity. He said they may the responsible for the “realistic” loss of any economy.

However, the plaintiffs accuse Facebook to track the activity after the log out by using the like buttons from the third party website that this activity loss the privacy of any user and that is against the federal and state privacy wiretapping regulations.

US district judge Edward Davila in San Jose, California said against the plaintiffs that they need to hide or secure the web histories so that no third party access from their sources. Furthermore, the judge states as:

“The fact that a user’s web browser automatically sends the same information to both parties does not establish that one party intercepted the user’s communication with the other, Facebook’s intrusion could have easily been blocked, but plaintiffs chose not to do so.”

We are pleased with the court’s ruling,” said a Facebook spokeswoman. Let us know you by leaving the comments in the comments section given below!