If you have been confronting an overwhelming battery deplete issue on your gadget because of Facebook and Messenger applications, then the issue has apparently been settled.

Facebook had dependably been under the battery utilization radar, particularly as a result of the data depleting propensity of the platform. But things deteriorated when a few users griped about the increased battery consumption brought on by both Facebook and the Messenger application. A number of the users announced substantial power utilization on their gadgets, as much as 1% each minute. For reasons unknown the issue has been settled server-side by Facebook and the users have been encouraged to force quit the application and restart it to run the latest system.

One of the users posted the problem on Twitter:

“Had to uninstall facebook and messenger because they drained 18% of my battery since this morning and I haven’t even opened either app once.”

David Marcus, Facebook’s Messenger head took to Twitter for tending to the issue reported by numerous users. Marcus tweeted:

“The issue was isolated and fixed server side. If you restart Messenger, the problem should be gone now. Very sorry.”

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If you’ve seen the comparable issue with both the applications, then force quit the applications by opening the recent applications menu and swiping them off the running apps list. After shutting the applications effectively, re-open them and test if the issue has been settled. In the event that the issue continues, then we suggest on re-installing the applications. Likewise, Marcus has directed the users to avoid utilizing the beta rendition of the application and to install the official version.

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This is not the first time that Facebook has confronted a reaction because of its energy hungry applications. The Facebook application is still among the most power depleting applications on the chart. The essential cause for the strange battery utilization is the consistent exchange of information between servers. With the presentation of new elements on the application, for example, location input that uses your telephone’s GPS information to verify your present area and show similar recommendations. Such components continue running in the background and are in charge of the annoying battery and data depletion.

You can experiment with the solution suggested by Marcus. Fill us in as to whether it worked for you or not by sharing your remarks below.