Facebook as the owner of Oculus is now reported to be working on a standalone Rift VR headset. Which will be made available somewhere in the year 2018. This new VR headset from Facebook won’t require a PC or a smartphone to work. While the VR headset will be branded with Oculus branding worldwide. Aside from China where the VR headset will be sold with a Xiaomi branding instead.

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Launching a VR headset that powers by its self, have been the goal of Facebook for some time now. Where the company wanted something that can be offered as an alternative to what’s currently available. Which includes two types of VR headsets. One which works with a smartphone and the other than is powered through a powerful PC.

Aside from Facebook, Samsung is also reportedly working on their version of a standalone VR headset as well. Which is said to be named the Odyssey VR headset. Aside from that Facebook is also working on another version of their Rift VR headset. Which instead of being tethered to a PC, would work wirelessly. While offering the same response time as being wired. Though according to Bloomberg it’s still in its developmental stages. Something like this would be a great addition for PC gamers. As a wireless solution will provide a better VR experience.

facebook oculus 759 Facebook Reported To Be Working On A Standalone VR Headset Named Pacific For Just $200

According to Bloomberg this new standalone VR headset from Facebook would be named ‘’Pacific’’. Which is said to copy the design of Rift VR headset. But will be lighter in weight, event compared to the Samsung Gear VR headset. Aside from that this standalone VR headset will also be running a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor inside. Though the main goal of Facebook is to provide all of it under an affordable price. Which according to Bloomberg’s report will be around $200.

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Would you be interested in a standalone VR headset from Facebook?