If you are a Facebook user you must have installed an app(Facebook messenger) for text messages and for audio and video calls.People uses Facebook messenger for different purposes like for connecting each other , giving reminder ,for vacation programs etc.Social media claims that it is most awaited and most demanded feature of messenger calls.It is very user friendly application that support all android and iOS.Stephane Taine product manager say that”More and more people use messaging in groups for lots of different reasons like keeping everyone up to date, planning a family vacation or to share a few jokes,”

facebook video calls recording Facebook messenger introduced a new feature of group video call upto 50 members


How to use messenger:

If you are a mobile Facebook user for communication download an app Facebook messenger.It gives you the facility to send text messages ,make audio call,video calls now the latest feature is group video calls.To make a group video call click on the desired contacts and add upto 50 members but only 6 would be visible on screen. The Size of Facebook Messenger is 11.15 MB and is its latest versionfor group vedio calling.

download facebook messenger apk for android smartphones tablets Facebook messenger introduced a new feature of group video call upto 50 members

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Messenger is also an alternative  for a number of other services — it’s competing  down Skype with its video calling features, and it’s replacing the need for SMS by being so popular as a messaging platform. It has been predicted that maybe one day we won’t need a cellular connection at all — just a data connection so we can use Facebook.The future would be an internet era.

The Informtion that why you can not trust facebook