Facebook’s marketing for Facebook live streaming is to share the cheerful moments like birthdays, weddings and other gleeful occasions. But Facebook’s live streaming is showing the darker side of the real face, opposing it completely.

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From a report, just before a week ago when every one was celebrating easter and some families were getting ready for Sunday meal, A cruel man from Cleveland was busy in uploading a live video on Facebook, in which he was murdering his grandfather. Although the murderer was not stream live (According to some reports). But the case still raises some question too Facebook as the video was available for an hour after it was uploaded.

Recent Scary One

Next, recent scary news is that a thai man also broadcast a murder video in which he hanged his infant daughter on Facebook live after that hanged himself also – Suicide after murder. According to a local report;

A young man reportedly hanged his 11-month-old daughter live on Facebook and then hanged himself at an abandoned hotel in Thalang district on Monday night.

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The video clips were online for whole day, after that the police cooperated with the giant social network to take it down. The case is not clear now as the video was speeded virally on social sites and also on Youtube.

Nows it up to Facebook that what they are going to do on with their live video streaming platform as lots of report has been arrived before according to such cases. Advice for people is that please don’t misuse the platforms as it has been made for some good reasons ,whatever try to be human.

CEO of Facebook announces data cannot be provided to use against for surveillance

Two months before live shooting in Chicago, Watch video;

What Facebook should do according such cases? Comment down your suggestion un the comment box below, we will appreciate your suggestions.

Via: Engadget