Facebook launched Express WiFi in India. Earlier this, Facebook in India tries for free internet service, but failed in doing that for India. Express WiFi allows a user to connect with the local WiFi networks. These local WiFi networks are the partner of Facebook.

Users can enjoy the facility by paying fees. Moreover, from the report, users will get access to all the web pages according to the policy that Government of India allows to connect with local networks.

According to the report, users have to pay between Rs. 10-20 ($0.15 – $0.30) for 0.1GB a day, or Rs. 200-300 ($3.12 – $4.67) for 20GB for a month to login to access their local networks. Users have to buy physical and online vouchers for WiFi connections.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAk5AAAAJDMzZjJkZjAyLTFhMWQtNDcwYy04ODIwLTYyYWY0ODdlOWQyYw Facebook launched Express WiFi in India, near about 390 million users is connected in four major states

Facebook start working back in 2015 and now Express Wi-Fi have access to almost major states of Uttarakhand, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Meghalaya. There are almost  live 700 hotspots in these states.

Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria and Indonesia are the Asian countries where Facebook introduced the Express WiFi service. Rumors about the Facebook is going for the partnership with Airtel for WiFi networks and the company is planning to connect more hotspots in India.

According to the report, about 390 million people in India are using the Facebook Express WiFi services. The company is targeting the major portion of India as the country is more crowded with the population near about 1.3 billion.


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