Facebook will keep itself distanced from TV-quality programming.

As previously heralded from various mediums, the social network giant Facebook might give a serious thought to featuring traditional TV or Netflix.
Screenshot 6 Facebook to keep itself away from TV quality programming – Mark to focus on revenue generation and small content

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It was further speculated that if FB concedes to such idea, it would allow users to see a long-form, TV-quality programming on the set-top box app, and on your handset.

However, all such speculations have gone into nothing. The CEO Mark has made it clear that they have no such ideas to embark on a large scale business level entertainment, though video sharing, like Youtube, might be considered at any level.

Reportedly, the fourth financial quarterly report guided the opinions and discouraged any such attempt by the company execs to host TV aspirations.

Screenshot 5 Facebook to keep itself away from TV quality programming – Mark to focus on revenue generation and small content

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Nonetheless, the vision of Facebook’s video future is more likely to count upon the idea of YouTube. To be more exact, some reports even call  the Facebook’s video future as the present of Youtube.

Mark Zuckerberg speaks on the matter that as a first step short mid-roll videos would be invited from video creators, which will eventually take the feature to another massive level.

Although, the video sharers would be making considerable money, the focus for FB will still be on short and concise content. And the feature would not be aiming for going large like in Netflix.

Another disconfirmation came from Facebook CFO David Wehner who categorically denied the company’s any potential plans for investing in hosting a bunch of TV shows.

He further commented that the focus of the company is on improving the ‘ecosystem’ or the atmosphere for video sharing to provide a platform to users for revenue generation like Youtube does. And that the company has got no implicit hand in ‘big deals’

The procedure that how you can download videos from facebook

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Critics comment that even the initiation of small scale content on FB can bring the company in par with dominant TV networks and streaming services like Netflix and others, as the social media network outreaches to billions.

The company’s CEO seems optimistic about the company’s potential video plan, which he sees receiving increased content from its global users.

Commenting on the scope of the premium video, he called it “episodic,” which fell unclear on all ears as to what could be the next episode or what is its future?

Nevertheless, the FB opens arms for Netflix or other TV networks or not, it is sure that the current video plans of the company would invite TV ad budgets at a considerable scale.