According to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook is developing an app for television that can broadcast long format videos on TV screens. This service is part of Facebook’s strategy to increase the profit from its video content.

fb Facebook Is Developing App For Television set top boxes, include Apple TV

Facebook is negotiating with media publishers to produce exclusive and quality tv program such as TV shows to be distributed within this application. According to the source, Facebook starts working on the app last summer after considering the idea for almost a year. The application will directly distribute long videos on televisions.

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apple tv 2 Facebook Is Developing App For Television set top boxes, include Apple TV


In this way, the world largest social networks intend to benefit from high-end advertising content and new platforms can be integrated in future.

The social network also focused on the large-scale distribution of video content on its home page and news feed. With Facebook Live and, and the company is the process to monetize Instagram content through advertising, Mark Zuckerberg is committed to increase the revenue through video platforms.

Overall media companies are heavily dependent on advertising revenue and the new Facebook strategy might be of interest to many publishers that would create exclusive content . Facebook would ask the media studio to create quality and unique content in exchange for a percentage of advertising revenue.
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