According to the tech times report, the Facebook is alleged to the advertisement that emotionally insecure and vulnerable teenagers. The company yet not admit all allegations of the targeting the teenagers emotionally.

On Monday, a leaked document reveals the facts about the Facebook, the research was conducted by the Facebook, how many advertisements on the Facebook targets the vulnerable 14 to 15 years old users. Although the research is not published, but the social media Giant controversies are spread in the media how the Facebook is targeting the teenagers emotionally.

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In this research report, the details of the post of the young users about the weight loss, the selfies and the other posts that revealed the insecurities of the users. The company alleged to target the users with emotional according to their mode.

The report is consists of the 23 pages that is revealed by the Australian media and kept the report as confidential. In this report, there are several questions that are raised about the company ethics and the policies.

The Facebook admits the conducted research, but denied all the allegations by the Australian media, the company said the content and the premises of the research is used as to mislead the users by the media. Facebook said in a statement that:

“Facebook does not offer tools to target people based on their emotional state,” and “It was never used to target ads and was based on data that was anonymous and aggregated.”


mark zuckerberg f8 2017 74397670 Facebook is alleged to the advertisement that emotionally insecure and vulnerable teenagers

According to the tech times report, While on the other hand side, the Australian claimed to the Facebook as:

The document revealed that Facebook could monitor photos and posts from users who might be “anxious,” “stressed,” “nervous,” “defeated,” “stupid,” “overwhelmed,” “useless,” “silly,” or a “failure.”

Moreover, from the report, the Facebook faced the similar types of the allegations many times. We are not sure about the real matter behind the controversy. You can share your thoughts with us by leaving the comments in the comment section given below!

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