The year 2016 has been a very successful year for organizations that are proficient in administering applications for smartphones. A trend study was currently published by Nielsen which revealed that Facebook was the most downloaded app in the United States with more than 146 million users monthly. This is humongous number made Facebook take the number one spot. Facebook messenger took the 2nd spot with 129 million users monthly. Facebook’s Instagram came in at number 8 with 74 million users per month. YouTube has taken 3rd place on the list with more than 113 million users a month. Google’s other apps on the list comprise of Google Maps with 105 million, Google Search with 103 million, Google Play with 99 million and Gmail with 88 million unique users monthly. Although Google was unable to take a spot on the list, it has more apps on it to make up for it.

Top Smartphone Apps Of 2016 840x840 Facebook and Google are in the list of top smartphone apps of 2016 while Apple lags behind
Apple music came in at number 9 with more than 68 million user monthly which is a 20 percent increase from last year. The last app that made it on the list is the Amazon App with more than 65 million user per month gathering a whopping 43 percent growth compared to 2015. In 2016’s third quarter, the above apps were running on Android phones 53 percent of the time and 45 percent of the time on iOS. Blackberry and Windows formed a very small portion of the total smartphone operating system by market share.

facebook and google dominate top smartphone apps of 2016 list 511420 3 1 Facebook and Google are in the list of top smartphone apps of 2016 while Apple lags behind

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