Facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg will be in the court for the charge of Oculus virtual reality theft claimed by ZeniMax. The allegation has been claimed two years ago today Mark Zukerberg will face a court trial.ZeniMax claim the fine of 2 million dollar in the compensation of virtual theft,Zukerberg has purchased the oculus virtual reality in the same amount two years before.

The trial was started on January 2,2017 in which a employee of ZeniMax asked Zukerberg to face a court trial, employee named as Carmack.First Mark Zukerberg avoided to go in court because of his official status and court plead to Mark hearing he will finally face a trial at court on the date of 17 January 2017.Carmack has already been in a difficult situation ZeniMax has also claimed him in official for the illegal reveal of Oculus design of virtual reality.He has been charged to leaked the information about Oculus as well as a gaming software like Doom and Quack.so Carmark has been alleged twice.

0 Facebook founder ligated in $2 million Oculus theft case


In the opening remarks of the ZeniMax lawyer that this is greatest virtual theft that has  been made till date and it should be punished with all it’s severity.On the other side Facebook is quite confidant that the allegation is false.

Another employee of the Oculus inquire that it should be asked from Facebook how the virtual codes has been transferred to Facebook when it has not been sold to them.They have also probed the transparency of Carmark.

Well it will prove a hottest gossip for 2017 .will be discussed the most national and international forums.It may impatientally waited case verdict of the court.

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