Facebook messenger app is not much popular as the Facebook. The social media continue to make efforts for its app by adding more features and updates. Today, Facebook announced to launch messenger app with a new version with messenger ads globally.

Many of business advertisements are offered by the Facebook to connect with the business profiles and persons seeking for a business. The Facebook messenger app is working like a bridge between the customers and the business profiles.

dims 1 Facebook announce to add messengers ads globally

Messenger ads simply allow you to see the business adsFacebook Messenger mobile has an option on the top of the app browser for ads, you have to click on the ad the messenger gives you the option to connect with the Facebook messenger or with other web browser.

Social networking tech giant initially launches the ads services in the Australia and Thailand. The users well accepted the feature. With the acceptance of the feature, the company planning to launch the messenger ad service globally in this year. The feature is useful for the advertiser companies that want to help with customers of the world.

The Facebook messenger app has 1.2 billion active users, however, the company is working for the sales of the mobile app. The app will grow in the next coming years, the app is not just only the typical messenger app, although Facebook wants to build relations with the business and customers.


Facebook knows about you, the company shares your information to the advertisers