With the latest news coming in today, now we can really say that the world has started getting the real-time benefits of the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence. Facebook has announced to combat terrorism in their capacity with the help of Artificial Intelligence and some other techniques. As the statement released by two of the Facebook’s officials, Monika Bickert (Facebook’s Director of Global Policy Management) and Brian Fishman (Counterterrorism Policy Manager) goes like:

We agree with those who say that social media should not be a place where terrorists have a voice. We want to be very clear how seriously we take this — keeping our community safe on Facebook is critical to our mission.

Facebook’s Plans Outlined

facebook profile pictures Facebook wants to play its part in eliminating terrorism by using AI and other high tech techniques

As outlined by the higher officials of Facebook, the social media giants want to work in their capacity for the elimination of terrorism. The area where they can play the most of their part is the artificial intelligence and for that image-matching based on AI is being used. This can help identify whether a picture uploaded is same as that of a terrorist or not. To accompany this, Facebook is also developing text-based signals that would recognize propaganda or other languages often used by terrorists. To minimize the vocal powers of terrorists, that you might have seen in some of the Facebook’s posts will be brought down and such Pages or groups will be eliminated permanently. Also, accounts linked with the other accounts that are labeled as those of terrorists will also be brought down. Though these basic steps are good for the starter package, still, a lot more needs to be done to ensure the wrong usage of such laws.

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Facebook Has Its Own Limitations

exclusive how mark zuckerberg booted his co founder out of the company Facebook wants to play its part in eliminating terrorism by using AI and other high tech techniques
Certainly, there are some things that Facebook cannot do as AI has its own shortcomings. Also, communicating through Facebook is one source of communication and there is so much that still needs to be done. A very clear case is that how to identify whether a shared image is truly a propaganda or a news agency covering some news about it. So such policies need to be made which cover the fear of targeting the people that are not actually involved in any such kind of activity.