When announced back in March 2014 that Facebook bought Oculus for $ 2 billion, it startled everyone, as the same had bought WhatsApp for $15 billion.

Anyways it came and gone like nothing much serious.

But then suddenly the news became a breaking news again when it was revealed that the amount paid for the virtual entertainer was even higher. So what? The news was fake.

The social network paid Oculus for various perspectives, which made the amount quite high than the widely disseminated news of $ 2 billion.

Screenshot 38 Facebook acquired Oculus for much higher price   new updates

via: mashable.com

Interestingly, the news broke when advocate for ZeniMax, video game maker, asked the Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg about the purchase proceedings. It is to be noted that ZeniMax has sued Facebook for stealing intellectual property.

The original amount that collectively becomes $3 billion was paid as follows:

  • Facebook paid $2 billion for the company
  • $700 million for retaining the employees
  • $300 million for earn-out.

The situation stayed confused as Facebook released in press that it paid $1.6 billion in common stock, $400 in cash and $300 million earn-out, shelving or neglecting the $700 million.


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