Samsung faced what we should better call one of the biggest and unforgettable fiasco a technology tycoon had to encounter i.e. the series of battery explosion incidents (rather accidents) reported by various clients, from various regions. The problem occurred in the Galaxy Note 7 handsets and when the complaints started to pour in, the hardware company was left with no choice but to issue formal recalls for their phones. Samsung had to recall its phones twice and though it resulted for them not only in losing potential profits worth of billions of dollars but losing several customers’ trust too.

As per their promise, Samsung didn’t make their loyal and potential customers wait any longer and finally, the official results of the investigation(s) regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery Explosion reports have been released. In the official announcement, the previous (investigation) reports were not denied while the same provides further details; on what exactly went wrong to turn the finest smartphones into controversial piles of scrap.

Screenshot 32 1 Exploding Galaxy Note 7 Batteries: Investigation Results Revealed

Galaxy Note 7 Blazing/Exploding: The Blame was on Batteries

Earlier we heard that the company had put the blame on batteries, saying they are the culprit in the infamous batteries explosion incidents. it was believed that affected smartphones’ units caught fire due the explosion/spark caused by batteries; the Galaxy Note 7 hardware and software both were given ‘clean chit.’

The recent reports however, throws more light over the issue and it is revealed that main causes of blazing and exploding incidents are as under:

  1.  Battery’s Irregular Size(s)
  2. Manufacturing Defect(s)
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The Galaxy Note 7 batteries that ended up overheated, were of 2 kinds/types, affiliate Samsung SDI-manufactured and Amperex Technology-manufactured. Irregular sizes were reported for Samsung SDI batteries (in preliminary inspections), forcing the company for their first Official Galaxy Note 7 recall. Amperex Technology were thus made sole battery suppliers but, the investigations reveal, over-production lead to manufacturing problems instead; and defects once again pushing Samsung to opt for second.

Screenshot 35 1 Exploding Galaxy Note 7 Batteries: Investigation Results Revealed

Dong-jin Koh (the Samsung mobile business head) stated/confirmed in a press meeting SDI manufactured batteries’ upper right hand corners were found with ‘deflection’ defects, in ‘negative’ electrodes. Secondly, ‘incorrect positioning-placing’ of ‘negative’ electrode may well have enhanced ‘negative-positive layer contact’ chances more; leading to short circuit.

Further, traces of ‘melted copper’ are considered other factor for explosion(s), found in Amperex manufactured Galaxy Note 7 batteries; possible cause of welding and increased risk of fire/explosion; following positive and negative layers contact.