All Things SmartThings are on sale right now.

The Samsung SmartThings Hub is down to $49.98 on Amazon. This is a huge sale on SmartThings devices, which includes the motion sensor and the water leak sensor.

There is also available the full SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit which is only at $150. It normally selling above $200. It comes with a Hub and several other accessories, so you can just skip right to this bundle if you want to go all in.

smartthings stuff v5vo 300x225 Expand your smart home with the $50 SmartThings  hub.

Hubs like this act as the “brain” of any smart home. if you want to be able to control all of them at once like a motion sensor or smart plugs,as you add more features. The hub lets you connect everything to it and then control them from one single place. The $150 home monitoring kit, for example, can use that hub to connect all of your appliances, monitor your home and notify you when anything unexpected happens. It work with Wifi networks and wireless protocols like ZigBee and Z-wave. It has a Bluetooth radio but apparently, that hasn’t been activated.

Tom’s Guidecalled it the Best Smart Home Hub in 2017. PC Mag named it their Editor’s Choice, gave it 4.5 stars out of 5, and called it “one of the most versatile home automation hubs around.”

Add a smart bulb or two to the kit to control your lights or a motion sensor if you need to cover more rooms.

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