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Wondering how will the Project Scorpio’s 4K results look like? These exclusive images tell the real story!

Project Scorpio

News coming in regarding the visual enhancements of Project Scorpio are mind blowing and the recently released 4K images prove the fact. To say the least, Microsoft’s XBox Project Scorpio is “One exciting gaming console.” The company claims that the Project Scorpio will feature the best of a display even when docked to a non-4K monitor.

The best part is actually the benefit that the content creators can take out of it as the ‘Supersampling’ allows the technique artists to make full use of the provided GPU overhead in the console to enhance images with finer details.

Exclusive Images

Exclusive images are revealed which show the true capabilities of XBox Project Scorpio while running on the 1080p mode and 4K mode. Starting with a picture of a girl, the below image shows the result of Project Scorpio while being set at 1080p on the left side and the right side shows the result of the same image on 4K

The second exclusively image below shows the difference of normal XBox One image and the zoomed version. The left one has got an image of a ladybug rendered at 4K using existing Xbox One assets. While the right image shows what it feels like the same image while viewed on the previous model of XBox.

Project Scorpio’s Compatibility

With these images telling the clear difference, imagine playing your XBox one titles on this 4K resolution with some hell of visual enhancements. Play all your favorite titles with 4K resolution as the Project Scorpio will leverage 6TF of GPU power to produce 4K games.


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