Nimbus Data, a relatively newer name in the SSD production market, has rolled out the world’s largest SSD of 100TB!

The underdogs have beaten the recent 30TB SSD from Samsung and all other lower capacity competitors. Dubbed as ‘ExaDrive’, the 100TB SSD is actually for the enterprise level usage such as data centers and edge servers for IoT services.

Exadrive Nimbus Data unveils its 100TB SSD, the ExaDrive   The SSD has also outplayed Samsungs 30TB SSD

To make it interesting, consider the fact that you can fit in up to 20 million songs or about half of Spotify’s catalog of streaming music in it. Not only it has the capacity of storing 100TBs, it consumes 85% less power per TB of storage so, at the end of the day, you get a feasible and efficient power storage solution at an enterprise level. Also, the SSD’s size is so small, you can easily fit it up in your server rack.

For comparison, you can fill up a standard rack with 100PB of storage of these ExaDrive 100TB SSDs. That counts up to 1000TB, a totally unbelievable figure.
Also, you get to use 500MB/sec read and write speeds, which might not be as impressive as that of NVMe SSDs but holy moly, you are getting a freaking 100TB storage in a single SSD unit with Nimbus Data!

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