EVGA’s Return merchandise authorization (RMA) was one of its best services as you had this surety of getting the right thing that you want but now the things have changed. The company has changed its RMA procedure ruling out the old “Guest RMA” option.

LED EVGA changes its RMA procedure   Each graphics card will be registered to a single user

The Guest RMA procedure helped those who wanted to return a graphics card in the simplest ever way. Now, one needs to register all the products before sending them back. Didn’t get it? Let’s see what was happening previously.

Through the Guest RMA method, users were allowed to return the second hand EVGA graphics cards even if you aren’t the registered owner, you can the deal could be finalized by the name of the previous owner.

What Has Changed?

Well, now one needs to register itself with the GeForce GTX’s database according to each card that has been bought. Registration will include the user’s name, address, phone number, and email address. So basically each graphics card that you buy from EVGA, will be registered only to your name.
With the changing times, manufacturing companies are preparing themselves for the paradigm shift. Crypto miners would be taking over the graphics scene so we might get to see such moves from other companies too!

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