EVGA Launches Ten GeForce 10 Series Graphics Cards With iCX Cooling

EVGA2 678x452 EVGA Releases A Force of GeForce 10 Series Cards With Fresh iCX Designs – Enhanced Cooling, Quality PCB With Thermal Sensors and Care Fuse
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EVGA was as of late hit with a gigantic reaction because of their cards including poor VRM cooling. This prompted to a great deal of clients confronting warm issues and even whole cards detonating which made a gouge in EVGA’s notoriety. The organization chose to settle this issue by supplanting the more seasoned ACX line of illustrations cards with the new iCX family.

The GeForce 10 iCX family accompanies a scope of upgrades over ACX. A sum of 9 new elements have been sent in the lineup which include:

  • iCX has 9 warm sensors and different MCUs
  • Asynchronous fan control
  • A new and more proficient approach to cool
  • Full control with EVGA Precision XOC
  • Interactive cooling with warm show framework
  • Peace of mind gaming
  • Optimized wind stream FIN DESIGN
  • PLAY LONGER! Overclock Better!
  • INTERACTION with other framework gadgets

The cards highlight a completely custom fabricated PCB that is a blend of value building, new warm modules and a rich LED and Precision XOC tuning framework.

  • Featuring an aggregate of 11 worldwide licenses (pending and allowed), iCX is effectiveness culminated.
  • 9 extra sensors and MCU’s implanted on the PCB.
  • Purposefully-coordinated wind current chambers.
  • Newly amazing baseplate and backplate.
  • Full control utilizing EVGA Precision XOC.

At long last, we have the internals which are made of a wind stream advanced blade outline that has a few balance openings that immediate air through them. The half open blade amplifies wind stream and L-formed balances increment surface contact with GPU and memory. The entwined stick blade on the baseplate amplifies warm dissemination through expanded surface territory on the baseplate. To top everything up, there’s a ravishing kick the bucket cast, frame fitted baseplate and backplate that comes included with the new cards. You can read a few audits/sneak peaks of the new iCX representation cards in the connections beneath:

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EVGA iCX Graphics Cards Are The Company’s Best PCB and Thermal Design To Date

evga geforce gtx 780 ti dual classified with evga hydro copper watercooler 2 EVGA Releases A Force of GeForce 10 Series Cards With Fresh iCX Designs – Enhanced Cooling, Quality PCB With Thermal Sensors and Care Fuse
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iCX representation cards accompany a PCB that components 9 warm sensors and different MCUs (Micro Controller Units ). Each of the 9 sensors are shown in the EVGA Precision XOC and OSD utility. These sensors call attention to load and temperatures of the different power conveyance frameworks highlighted on the card, including the GPU. EVGA has likewise incorporated a wellbeing circuit that includes an extra layer of insurance. It guarantees that the card doesn’t achieve the point where it would detonate as the past ACX variations.

The cards additionally highlight new offbeat fan control innovation which incorporates isolate fan control and fan bend for both fans. This innovation guarantees that the particular parts underneath them are cooled enough. For example, the GPU might run hot yet the VRMs under the second fan would be under ideal load. The primary fan would begin turning at higher RPM contrasted with the second fan. The two elements of this fan cooling innovation are:

  • GPU fan controlled by GPU temperature (left fan)
  • Power/memory fan controlled by power/memory temperature (right fan)

The cards likewise highlight an inside RGB side board which shows warm movement. It’s a little yet helpful element which would tell you the temperatures of different parts (GPU/Mem/PWR) on your new EVGA iCX cards.

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