The reputation of EVGA did suffer a blow when buyers of the new EVGA GTX 10 series cards were having thermal issues. While some reported to have their cards being fried because of it. The reason being not enough cooling on the VRAM as well as the voltage regulating modules of the card. EVGA did offer free thermal pads replacement on their part to compensate for the hardware issue.

Companies learn from their mistakes and that is what EVGA has done. The company just launched a new version of their GTX 10 series cards mainly the GTX 1080 for now that is equipped with their new cooling technology known as ICX Technology.

Every GPU has a sensor that is there to measure the temperature of the GPU which makes us ask what’s so special about the new EVGA ICX Technology. Well instead of a single sensors there are multiple sensors on the new EVGA ICX equipped GTX 1080. There are nine sensors in total on the card, whereas three are placed on the VRAM, another three are placed on the power controllers and one on the GPU itself. A software is provided by EVGA which helps to keep a check on each and everything part of the card. With the help of these sensors.

Compared to other cards which only pays attention on cooling the GPU only and reacts to the temperature of the GPU. The new ICX technology equipped cards will have one fan cooling the GPU and the other cooling the rest of the parts of the cards. Both fans don’t run at the same speed and it depends on which part of the GPU is running hotter the GPU or the Memory. To make it simple there is a dedicated fan for the GPU as well as the VRAM and voltage regulators. There is also a fuse on the new card making it even safer than the old card, in case there is a little chance of failure.

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Users of the old EVGA GTX 10 series cards can also swap in their old cards for the new cards with the better cooler by paying a $99 premium, while the new model would be sold $30 higher compared to the old models.

EVGA GeForce ICX Graphics Cards Feature 3 840x588 300x210 EVGA equipped their 10 series cards with their new ICX cooler EVGA GeForce ICX Graphics Cards Feature 4 840x549 300x196 EVGA equipped their 10 series cards with their new ICX cooler