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Every One May Wish To Get Rid Of Annoying, Irritating And Unwanted Apps. So What To Do And How?


Every one of us would agree that whenever we come across either manufacturer or carrier apps our first thought is just what is the purpose of these apps on earth; other than annoying us by constantly appearing onscreen and disturbing us? Such apps become all the more annoying and infuriating when bugging a reader constantly; forcing to do one of two things; log in and read the stuff they’re trying to refer to. So How to Get Rid Of Annoying, Irritating And Unwanted Apps then?

What pops up a reader’s mind next is to find one way or other to stop the annoying activity and hopefully, every person would curse him/herself on not having some technical knowledge about uninstalling these unwanted apps. So shall we believe that there’s nothing we can do about it, can’t we just curse these irritating small devils off into oblivion ever?

As mentioned above, if we are not lucky enough to possess the required technical background or knowledge, at least we’ve got to learn a little about the root privileges; an essential ‘tool’ to accomplish the problem at hand. So what next then, should one give up and let these apps keep annoying you?

Perhaps not, as an alternative method could be worth trying which may not sound very effective yet it could help a little; and hopefully get the desired job done well. To tackle the problem thus, a default ‘Android App Manager’ can be tried, allowing us to get rid of certain apps; by disabling them and turning the same nonfunctional.

Any Particular Prerequisites? Well, all you may need here will be the list of unwanted yet intruding apps you never want to pop up the screens of your devices. Those having a better android knowledge, would find the job far easier than others, being ‘less skillful.’

Reach the ‘pull-down’ first, find the ‘gear’ located in right upper corner and tap on it. Next you have to locate and tap the ‘Apps’ option while on the setting menu; setting page however, may vary from device to device. Finding the desired app and disabling the same is your next step, done of course by tapping the ‘Disable’ sign. And that’s it, the small 4-step strategy ensures a little ‘freedom’ and finally Get Rid Of Annoying, Irritating And Unwanted Apps.


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