Etsy Studio: the Etsy for handmade materials suppliers species .

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Surely most of you know Etsy, but for those who have no idea, it’s the most famous E-shop for buying handmade items online. From Etsy we can buy various types of decoration and accessories directly from their creators, avoiding  “third party” which will help to save some money. Etsy wants to help young artists and creator to supply material for their need, for creating a new platform called ‘Etsy Studio’.

According to the company,

Etsy Studio, the first new market we’ve built from the ground up since debuted in 2005, will be a global market dedicated to craft supplies that seamlessly combines inspiration and shopping in one place. When it launches this spring, visitors will be able to shop original DIY projects and tutorials alongside all of the supplies they need to bring those creative projects to life”.

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Basically, the idea behind Etsy Studio is that if a creator of handcrafted items finds it difficult to get the essential materials per need, the Etsy Studio will help. in addition, it will you save both time and money because you don’t have to pay for import and shipment profit.

The basic concept seems pretty interesting but we need to see the idea and development of Etsy Studio in real.

More news is expected in the upcoming weeks. If you want to read the company’s press release about Etsy Studio, you can visit the official blog here.

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