The Essential Phone from Andy Rubin brings forth some promising ideas. Still the phone didn’t get as much attention as it should have. Essential also isn’t disclosing its real sales numbers. But according to an analyst the first smartphone from Andy Rubin only sold around 5000 units. That for a startup company like Essential isn’t good.

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Even though Essential did hit its low upon launch, looks like the company is trying to make its way back. Where Essential is reported to be working on some bug fixes as well as new features for its Essential Phone. Which includes a new Oreo firmware update that would bring Google Treble support on the tablet. That makes the Essential Phone guaranteed for fast future updates, just like other Google devices. Aside from that the Essential Phone would also be getting a double tap to wake and sleep feature, as well as electronic video stabilization and immersive mode for watching videos.

Essential is also trying different way to make its first flagship smartphone interesting to a lot of new customers. Where the company slashed down its prices to around $400 to $500 with various promotions. That might have affected the sales but we don’t have an actual number on it for now. But judging from the uptake of the camera app of Essential on Google Play Store. The company might have sold over 50,000 units of Essential Phone till now.

asa1 Essential Phone To Get New Features And Google Treble For Faster Updates

The Essential Phone is still a great option considering how affordable the smartphone is now. Which also brings in a 5.7 inch display in a compact 5 inch body. Though looks aside the camera on the smartphone might be the only letdown about the phone. That wasn’t able to perform well for a flagship smartphone in 2017.

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What do you think about the Essential Phone, is it worth your investment?