Catastrophe! Great things are going to happen! Meanwhile if you have gone through many of the headlines about Star Citizen floating all over the web today. Mostly of them may seem devoted by giving the impression that can Influence Games, The makers of Star Citizen, somehow have distinctive to carry out the guts of the game in 4 years of its evolution. A couple of days ago there was an update for the backers of the game explained that the game Star Citizen was shifting to Amazon`s Lumberyard engine and was live with the 2.6 version which has just been released lately. It is obvious that any game which shifts a technology as fundamental as its engine must or may have to allocate major engineering time to code and make the changes in a right manner.

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Therefore in any condition this can be true for those who are aware of the Lumberyard, the reason that Amazon licensed CryEngine from Crytek is to create that it may be a big hint as to what is happening here. Lumberyard is obviously an effective rebranded version of CryEngine with the direct combination into the Amazon’s AWS framework. Reaching out to Erin Roberts, the Foundry 42 Head, Uk arm of CIG, asking him about his views on the delineate the change and he had to say this:

Im thankful to get in touch, as you have conjecture, any recommendations that the engine switch may or can have a mighty impact on the growth can`t be further from the reality. Lumberyard is totally based on Cryengine, with lots of innovations. As an outcome we dont have to change the rudimentary core engine at all, that’s why this change had to be completely with no effect on the innovation of the Star Citizen. The edge of Lumberyard that they get the under way support on the networking/ cloud side from Amazon, also the great techniques support while processing sustained improvements on what we have been working on since last 4 years.

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As we have tried to explain many times before, 50% of the licensed from the past 4 years have been re-written now, also in the core major system from Cryengine. What`s great is on what we have worked upon from past 4 years. We are taken to be very lucky that this lucky chance shown itself to work with a committed and powerful company like Amazon that is investing majorly in its technology. This integration will efficiently allow the company to do more for our society moving forward without costing us a penny in terms of engineering time, so as by the detail it’s a win-win situation for us and a better news all around.

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There, we have it, is there any site who corrects that CIG which has dumped its 4 years engine into development? Therefore it’s just forlorn that the true story did not had the chance to get a simple airtime yet.

Star Marine with Star Citizen 2.6

The deployed version 2.6 of CIG to the production servers around two days ago to all the backers having the long awaiting Star Marine FPS arena combat mode. As with the commander of the arena (module of dog-fighting), some facets of this are available in the universe of baby persistent, the backers of the game had way in for a long time, although Star Marine implements the added FPS capabilities and animations, also game like learning the environment of FPS. when you get death in universe, you have to respawn, get the ship again, flying back to wherever you were with your team etc while carrying on what you were doing before.
Regrettably i have had no time to use out 2.6 yet so cannot report on it, but you free to check out various people you are using this and streaming this online. Helpful link to find more about what`s in 2.6

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