WiTricity is industry pioneer in distant charging of electric cars  is entering into partnership to enhance the experience of energy consumption of energy module. WiTricity and General Motors will be testing Drive 11 park and charge system  that operate at 7.7 and 11 kW charge rates.The system is focused on and designed on international standards of wireless charged cars.It has capability to cater with the energy issues of BEVs and ERVEs that means battery electrical vehicle , extended range electric vehicle respectively.

toyotaphvwirelessparkoct2 An energy effectve partnership of WiTricity and General Motor for electric car systems
WiTricity electic car


General Motor is expert in quality and Technical solutions of electrical energy,it is hoped that it will bring the best change in wireless car charge system. GM motors aims to provide electrification solutions and  to increase the real world performance through this partnership.The company intended to provide best available method or source of charging that is attached at the bottom of the vehicle.So that the user can receive the power supply instantly after the power down or shortage.

witricity An energy effectve partnership of WiTricity and General Motor for electric car systems
Installation and working of electric charging system


Installment of power charging system is very simple , charger in attach in the floor of parking area and garage,after that witch is plugged in and vehicle starts getting power up.GM motor also very much concerned about if the power runs down while deriving its power system is attached right bottom of the car that automatically start power supply.

Pamela Fletcher chief executive engineer of GM said that,

“By testing the WiTricity prototype system, we can ensure that wireless charging systems will comply with proposed industry standards, which benefits the entire industry and consumers.”

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What are the future expectation of GM and WiTricity partneship:

After the shortage of hydro carbon energy Electrical vehicle has gained the center of focus and modern energy and mobility world.The partnership of both these companies intended to make this product commercial for broader world markets. Because it is convenient for the user to power up there cars at home.

images 3 An energy effectve partnership of WiTricity and General Motor for electric car systems
Heavy vehicle charging


Alex Gruzen, CEO, WiTricity has annouced about the future needs of energy “Our team is proud to work with GM on this project. Wireless charging for EVs, based on industry standards, is inevitable as we move toward a future of self-driving and autonomous vehicles, and this project brings us one step closer to realizing our vision of a world powered wirelessly.”

WiTricity aim to provide easiest and most efficient method for automobiles industry , organization is intended to sign licensing agreements with Toyota, Delphi,Tdk,IHI.