Easter eggs are the Google favorite and android have the app most of the time in some hidden place. Android has the latest version of Phone app have found the Easter eggs.

Android O version has founded the latest version of phone App enabled with Easter eggs. “Paw Mode” of Easter eggs is the most important feature. The app is basically designed for the cat lovers. The app allows cat lovers to answer the call with the cat paw.

Google is adding up more features and designs to its apps. Paw mode in the Phone app shows, the company is moving with the changes in the android applications. The app is interesting, now cat paw is used to respond the incoming calls.


9b2a7 Screen Shot 2017 05 13 at 12.14.56 AM Enable Googles Easter eggs ‘Pawsome’ mode from your android Phone app


You have to insure that your Android phone have 9.0 or later versions of the phone app. Now you have to punch the number from your phone dial. By enabling the answer mode by cat paw,you have dial *#*#729#*#* from your phone app dialer. “Pawsome” easter egg mode is now activated.

Once you have enabled the “pawsome” mode from your Phone app, whenever the incoming call will appear on your android phone it will remember your instruction and always show the paw mode. If you want to turn off the paw mode, you have to dial same code *#*#729#*#* from your phone app.

Google is not publicized the paw mode, but most of the time the function is found in the phone app. The app is not new for Google, but maybe the company wants to add more features and improve the performance. What are your thoughts about the Google Easter Egg mode? You can share your thoughts with us by leaving the comments in the comments section given below!

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