Tesla’s founder Elon Musk revealed the news of latest project: manufacturing fully self driving cars. Updates about this project being shared by Musk including the semi autonomous driver assist system and the enhanced autopilot mechanism which the company wish to release with the full autonomy cars being available. Musk addressed many of the followers questions on twitter with respect to the new system. Tesla owners are irritated for the arrival of new system. They had to announced that all the manufactured vehicles that are being moved forward have all the requirement of the hardware to achieve the full autonomy.

Owners of Tesla are Annoyed and irritated for Autopilot Systems.

Owners of tesla have been waiting for this for quite a moment, the one who have received the delivery already being told that the vehicles will not have Tesla`s Autopilot. The users can`t wait any longer.

So what does autopilot do? It seems pretty simple from the name it will be much obvious than the version before. As per the company, the new system being introduced might include features like lane keeping, Speed matching with traffic situation, self parking, automatic lane switching, freeway merging and exit. This all sounds pretty amazing, but when will we be allowed to get on those?. The company Tesla hopes to make possible in no time. This tech relies heavily on the image processing though the on board neural net for the purpose of having object identification and avoidance.

Musk said in another tweet that it is ‘working well’ and all the company Tesla has to do is evaluate the effectiveness of the technology in several conditions. Driving has to be done to evaluate the vehicle using the technology.

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New Hopes on Next year
We will not be having the enhanced autopilot in 2016 anytime but hopefully 2017 will bring this tech into the market. If it works out it is targeted at the end of 2017 for a cross country test of completing automated driver-less Tesla cars.