According to the Ars Techica report, CEO of Tesla Elon Musk appear in a presentation at the International Astronautical Congress with his plans for the rocket to the Mars. The CEO promised to shift the human beings on the Mars he believes to set “planetary colonizer design” for the humans on Mars.

DSC 2156 640x425 Elon Musk confirms the working of last year project for launch vehicle for landing of humans to Mars

Last year, Elon Musk also give speech like this one, he reported in the meeting he has plans to a “Interplanetary Transport System” design that will work with a massive 42-engine rocket that will be four times more capable as the NASA’s Moon rocket, the Saturn V launch vehicle. He figure out 2020 in his plans to visit the humans to the Mars. Musk share this year plans in the meeting, the report stated as:

A big rocket will be scaled down to a 9-meter diameter, which would fit inside SpaceX’s existing rocket factory. By scaling back to 9 meters, Musk likely intends to remove the outer ring of 21 Raptor engines, leaving a vehicle with 21 engines instead of the original 42. While still complicated to manage during launch and flight, 21 engines seems more reasonable. Such a vehicle would also have about 50 percent less mass.

Moreover, we heard the rumors about the building of the new air craft by the NASA for the shipment of Humans to the Moon and Mars. What will be the future heavy lift vehicles to shift the humans into the other planets. NASA is also working on other project that is expected to complete in the Mid of 2020s that is similar to the Elon Musk plan for launch of vehicle for the space.

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29937260386 45ba70fb85 h Elon Musk confirms the working of last year project for launch vehicle for landing of humans to Mars

Elon projected vehicle will fulfill the NASA arms requirements or he has to work more for the project to safest landing of Humans onto the Mars and Moon? Share your views with us by leaving comments in the comments section given below!