The iPhone 8 has been in high none other than Forbes magazine, has confirmed their trusted sources have access to leaked plans. The giants at Apple, have of course not said anything to deny or confirm said rumors but, if they are true, they are pretty broad. They are changing a lot of their most familiar features.

Three (not two) premium 2017 iPhone models will be launched, including a new flagship 5.8-inch model.

16 1024x583 Edgeless display and more feature iPhone 8 leaked plan
leaked iPhone 8 plans

Wireless charging will be introduced across the range, due to the conductivity in their glass chassis.

LCD screens replaced by thinner, brighter, more efficient OLED panels.

Apple seems to be cornered to come up with something revolutionary for the next iPhone 8 model, to be released in 2017.

Designs Of iPhone 8 And iPhone 7s Hay Have Altogether Different