Amazon Ehco has been a top selling brand in 2016 ,it is artificial intelligent personal assistant that can perform many human related functions.It can speak ,can play with you ,can play music,orders vacuum for cleaning many other ancillary service includes control of smart devices.

6 million of Echo unit has been sold in 2016, Forrester research estimates it a future top selling brand as well.It is also known as Alexa ,it competed very well many other well known companies like LG and General Electric.

Amazon Echo 1 Echo AI personal assistant is expected to be top selling item for 2017

Potential competitors of Echo:

There are reports that Apple also working on the launch of Echo like personal assistant with the partnership of Siri  ,the current threat for the Echo is  Google assistant and Microsoft personal assistant Cortana. Google assistant is real threat to Echo because it is more responsive than Echo is question answer session. 1.5 billion android user also have the option to upgrade to Google assistant.The other competitor Microsoft is big challenge, it has other market shares  like MS office and Windows.

Echo’s strengths:

All the commands of are built in you can only give The voice command it can connect you to twitter. nest,Uber thermostat and many other options.It is a massive amazon inventory all record is directly linked with it’s sale purchase so you can easily make future decisions.As well as amazon also provides massive discounts and deal with the Echo that also effects the Echo Sale.

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