DXC Technology is the new name given to the new firm came into being after the merger of CSC and the Enterprise Services business of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise. For the $25.6 billion, the deal has been confirmed and the merger will be completed in April.  So, DXC Technolgy is the product of SCS and HPE in $26 billion approximately.

DXC Technolgy merger will be completed on April 3, 2017, and formally registered in New York Stock Exchange under the symbol DXC.

HPE logo exence DXC Technolgy is product of merger between  CSC and the  Hewlett Packard Enterprise of $26 billion


No Human Resource change at the Executive level of DCX Technolgy:

As the executive management has been involved in deals official work the DXC Technolgy has decided to keep the same CSC chairman, president, and CEO Mike Lawrie.  So, they obviously have the better understanding of the transaction.

Lawrie said in on Wednesday.” The merger has been made with an intention of leading to digital transformation journey. The DXC Technolgy will be recognized internationally as the big digital force. It will enable customers to seize the opportunities in the modern dynamic and changing world.”

%name DXC Technolgy is product of merger between  CSC and the  Hewlett Packard Enterprise of $26 billion


The DXC technology wants to build a foundation for its customer, the foundation of trust and transformation, a restless effort to make changes. The company will focus on producing greater value for partner, customer, and shareholders with growth opportunities for stakeholders.

Until the official completion of the merger, both of the organization will work separately as two independent organization under current leadership. After the formal exchange the HPE, CEO Meg Whitman will take a board seat at DXC Technology.

At the time of the merger, Lawrie said it would provide the opportunity to the both companies up to 15 percent overlap, DXC will mainly work the data center.

“From now the company will have top three leaders in IT services to lead the customer to digital transformation, we  both will win against the merger as established players.”

I addition the company will face an increase of almost 6,000 clients in more than 70 countries and expected revenue is $26 billion. HP has announced its plan to more splits next year. As the separation of two companies will give us independence, focus, financial resources and flexibility to adapt a highly dynamic market.

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