Recently, Google Play Store was hit by a Android virus. Android trojan with novel code injection features have the malicious attacks on your Android phone by entering as a game. Finally, the first android virus has been detected.

The Dvmap trojan is the virus that has been removed from the Google Play Store. The virus used to injects the hostile code in to the android operating systems. The virus works differently, after the installation the virus remove the source of attack and access of Malware.

Dvmap Malware 1  Dvmap trojan first Android malware has been detected with code injection

According to the report, Kaspersky Lab stated that:

“The introduction of code injection capability is a dangerous new development in mobile malware,”. Since the approach can be used to execute malicious modules even with root access deleted, any security solutions and banking apps with root-detection features that are installed after infection won’t spot the presence of the malware.”


However, It is reported from Kaspersky Lab, ecurity researchers at the Russian antivirus firm claimed that the Dvmap trojan is downloaded more or less 50,000 times from the Google Play Store from past three months.

Moreover, the addictive puzzle game called colourblock was the source of the Dvmap distribution of the virus in the Google Play Store under the app name of “Retgumhoap Kanumep”.

dvmap  Dvmap trojan first Android malware has been detected with code injection

The only way is to save your smart devices from malicious attack to update the security patches. Most of the time, the only few users apply the security patches and few antivirus software developers offer the solution on time. You can share your thoughts with us by leaving the comments in the comments section given below!

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