Dropbox has designed a new boot system – Security bot attached to the Dropbox detection and alerting system that aims at accelerating the detection process.
The open source automated security is basically set for slack. However it can be transported to other platforms too. The bot is designed to grasp alerts for incident verification by the security monitoring tools. This is much more better and faster way of alert verification rather than the manual way of access verification.
As this is one of the most toughest and time taking task to manually reach out to employees for ensuring about a certain action.The new security boot has now made this to be happen with much ease.
dive 1 Google Dropbox Sets : Open Source automated Security Bot System to Reach Out People With Great Ease :
via: educationdive.com

How the Ease is Provided by the Security Bot:

When an alert gets activated, employers receive a message to ensure whether they have performed the malicious action or not. After two-factor authentication, the responses are logged. The logged responses are transferred to the security team.In case, if the employee reports that they are not responsible for the action, the security staff gets alerted. The alerts are then treated accordingly to how employee responses to the security boot and further actions are triggered on such basis.


What’s Good in Dropbox Cyber Security bot :

• No wastage of time in reaching out to the employees for ensuring the occurence of certain action.
• The security engineers could easily spend much time on important projects for improved security system.
• Alerts against unusual events could be generated within employee’s email ,laptops or their Dropbox account.
• The benefits will not only facilitate the security staff but the Dropbox employees too.
• Chat bot responding is quite easier than responding to security members in detail.
• Time for the development of better detection tools and efficiently sought for the malicious actors.
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