The self-driving autonomous cars are going to run all around us very soon. GM, which has signed a joint venture with Lyft last year, pronounced that thousands of Chevrolet Bolts will be ready till 2018. The Chevrolet Bolts which are going to be manufactured under this project will be self-driving vehicles. Reuters reported the anticipated launch of automatic cars. The cars which will be made at the first stage will not be available for the public and will be available only to the special entities with special terms. These possible entities can be private ride-hailing companies. The American automotive company GM joined Lyft to jointly work on the driverless car last year.

HHBoltEVxtra060 GM and Lyft Going to Bring Thousands of Driverless Chevrolet Bolts in 2018 in Los Angeles Streets


It is also announced by the GM that 100 bolts will also be available in the Los Angeles city and will be managed by the car sharing service Maven. But, drivers assigned by Lyft will be there to use them as their work vehicle. The same kind of experiment has been performed by Uber this year. The service of Uber included cars which were controlled by an engineer, as what Uber reported. The issue raised that time was that Uber didn’t apply for a DMV permit to bring such kind of a vehicle on the road. What Uber stated that the California DMV rules do not require a separate permit to bring such a vehicle on the road.

2 21 300x167 GM and Lyft Going to Bring Thousands of Driverless Chevrolet Bolts in 2018 in Los Angeles Streets


The thing to notice is that, GM has already applied for a permit in this regard. The management of GM is quite confident about its experiment on Bolt cars and hoping it to get positive response. After getting the permit, GM could operate on the roads of California City and also in the streets of San Francisco. There are a number of things which GM did not revealed in its latest talk with Reuters so we can expect that there is a lot more coming in future.

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