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Nvidia releases exclusive driver update 381.65 to support the upcoming Quake Champions – The update will be compatible with the newly released Windows Creators Update

Nvidia releases exclusive driver update 381.65

As soon as the Microsoft released the Creators Update, the companies dependent on the OS have also started rolling out updated drivers for GPUs. Recently, AMD released GPU drivers update which is compatible with the latest update by Microsoft, the Creators Update. The good news about the added drivers update is that it will let you play the upcomingQuake Champions if you are one of those who instantly fell in love with the game after watching the trailer.

A Little Bit More About Quake Champions

The game Quake Champions is an upcoming, best-looking first-person shooter game. The game is published by ‘Bethesda Softworks’ and the developers are the famous ‘id Software’. The developers have planned to release the game explicitly for Microsoft Windows. The game development had a pause after the previously released version, Quake 4 in 2005. So, to try out the latest offering by id Software, you must have this driver update installed in your PC. Nvidia has exclusively released the all-new Game Ready driver updatefor letting players have fun with the fast-paced competitive shooter game.

What Else Does This Update Iteration Has To Offer?

Besides the main focus on adding support for Quake Champions and Windows 10 Creators Update, the update also focuses on adding support for ‘Dolby Vision’ and ‘Dolby Atmost’tech. All this to increase your display features and added options in the NVIDIA control panel help in improving the Windows 10’s color settings.

The Update Is Perfectly Timed

This update by Nvidia is perfectly timed as they released it just after the all new Titan XP’s release. Titan XP, which is the updated version of the last year’s Titan X, has been recently released with some amazing hardcore features. The company claims it to be the world’s fastest GPU as all the CUDA Cores available on GP-102 are unlocked for an unmatched performance. Other amazing specs include 11Gbps memory with 550 GB/s memory bandwidth.


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