Inside a slim package, The Razer Blade Pro managed to place a slew of highly powerful hardware and the company takes it three steps further with a notebook concept known as the Project Valerie. In a tiny package for those who want a multi-monitor package has definitely got covered, but Razer could be more expensive than the starting price tag of the Blade Pro`s base model.

Valerie, The Project of Razer comes up with three 17.3-inch Panels for the Ultimate Gaming Notebook Setup for those who want Multiple Monitors Connected.

During CES 2017, Valerie, Razer’s project has a lot of eyes on marvel that the company showcased. If one think that Blade Pro was impressive then they haven`t gazed the latest concept of the company. Razer CEO and Co-Founder Min-Liang Tan describes that the complexities from which the users or the members have gone through who only have a single display notebook is:

“With project Valerie, the issues of a traditional multi monitor are thing of the past. In the system the power of a desktop computer and graphics capabilities of three top end monitors are included. In the way of performance there is no shortcoming of its amazing features and probability. For a professional, gamer and creator, multi monitor desktop setups are getting more necessary. For the first time, we have came up with a solution for the users. The valerie project promises all of the functionalities of three screens and none of them bothers”.

A total of 17.3 inch IGZO panel connected to all of the three which is resonating the 4K resolution. The company also packed up in powerful hardware ranging from a quad core processor combined with at least a GTX 1080 to handle all the 4K displays. But no information was provided to the hardware side of things. All three displays can easily slip back into place and it can easily slide out of the notebook portability.

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The ideal setup for professional and the content creators who do not the limited work desk. Adding to this, the concept also came up with a mechanical low profile keyboard, which is a pretty nice addition to the amazing machine. Since it came up with a concept, razer has not attached a price tag on it but if as the company does, what the user might think of MSRP is going to be?


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