DragonBoard 820 300x169 DragonBoard 820c: The First SnapDragon 820 CPU


The size of the transistors and chips have always been a matter of concern for the chip manufacturers. The concern is to shrink the size of transistors and to increase the capability of the processors. The recently launched mother board, named, DragonBoard 820c, is being called a processor based on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 chip which can support a number of software and has potential to be compatible with various operating systems. The DragonBoard 820c has been listed on Arrow Electronics website where it is reported to be compatible only to the Android operating system.

dragonboard820cimg1 100707723 large 300x253 DragonBoard 820c: The First SnapDragon 820 CPU

source: wccftech.com

According to many critics and technical reviews, the processor has capability to support multiple software platforms including the Windows 10, Linux and Android. The technical specifications of the new DragonBoard 820c include various features which can fascinate the readers. it is a super fast processor which has X12 LTE modem. The processor can support up to 600 Mbps of downloading speed and 150 Mbps of uploading speed. Also, the processor supports up to 4000 Ultra HD video recording. The CPU clock speed of the processor is up to 2.2 GHz it is a Quad-core CPU with a 64 bit architectural design.

Undoubtedly, the CPU based on SnapDragon 820 is faster and compact than the previous versions. The performance reviews and tests performed on the new processor shows that the comparison of Antutu score gives 54 percent margin to the Snapdragon 820 compared to its other versions. Comparing the 3DMark Slingshot score, the SnapDragon 820 is 34 percent faster than the previous version 810.

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The DragonBoard 820c CPU comes with a pre-loaded 32 GB memory and also a 3GB LPDDR4 RAM. The CPU also offers USB 2.0 and 3.0 slots and GPS, WiFi, Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth and Adreno 530 GPU. The CPU based on the Qualcomm DragonBoard 820c are supposedly the fastest CPU in the class and will be supporting the all three operating systems like its previous version DragonBoard 410. The price of the new CPU is not yet disclosed which is a big in the critics’ circle.