3 6 Dragon Quest XI will support 4k enhancements on PlayStation 4 Pro

We have come across an article from DualShockers and according to this article Dragon Quest 11 will support PlayStation 4 Pro enhancements which is a good news. Recently Japanese developers were okay with PlayStation 4 Pro support, there’s couple of games that did not get the PlayStation 4 Pro patches like Persona 5 and two other games as well. 

It’s good to hear that Dragon Quest XI will support PlayStation 4 Pro support with enhancements. According to DualShockers article, it goes to talk about the 4k resolution. So far there’s no information is provided whether it’s native 4k or whether it will be super something for 1080p monitors.

3 7 Dragon Quest XI will support 4k enhancements on PlayStation 4 Pro

Although this game is not graphically demanding kind of game. It looks great and anime kind of feel, it’s cell-shaded. The game is brilliant not just like anime and it’s going to look more better in 4k because PS4 Pro is capable of running such games in native 4k. This may be native 4k or this might be checkerboarded 4k and even if it’s 1800p and then upscale to 4k (dynamic 4k).

It’s going to be interesting what sort of other enhancements if there’s going to be any for this particular game. Dragon Quest is very popular in Japan, it has it’s own followers in Europe and US as well. The sales numbers are always in millions for this game in Japan.

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