According to the report, the upcoming fighting game Dragon Ball Fighter Z is being processed for the desktop computers and also supports for the gaming consoles. Arc System is responsible for the development of the game. Thanks to Game Informer who leaks the new footage of the game, telling us new stages and many others, including Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan Goku and Vegeta as well.

Dragon Ball FighterZ New characters 740x413 Dragon Ball Fighter Z new video leaked showing the new stages and characters

A couple of weeks ago, the most of the lakes try to share more information about the fighting game. Gamer Dragon Ball Fighter Z comes with some improvements, increase the speed and performance. The game allows you more options to fight instead of a single button to fight and enjoy the gaming experience. The report stated as:

The simple button layout means combos for a lot of characters are similar and don’t require much research, though there are characters with unique attributes. Krillin, Piccolo, Buu and Android 16 all feel distinct, with their own combos and specials, whereas the Saiyans tend to feel like variations on one another, with different supers and assists being the main things to keep in mind to extend combos.

There’s a whole bunch of moves for each character that will make you feel like a Z Warrior. A heavy hit will knock opponents back and a homing chase move can be used to fly over to them and begin a combo – this can be used at the end of normal attack strings, and can even be continued or mixed up with a teleport cross-up that each character has. The variety of movement options that and speed are both true to Dragon Ball and make for an exciting fighting game experience.

The fans of the game has to wait until February next year, the user can equally enjoy the game on desktop computers and as well as supporting gaming consoles. Share your views with us by leaving comments in the comments section given below!

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