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Dozee- Future of healthcare is here


A bunch of engineers from IITs have built a unique health monitor that gives readings of heartbeat, respiration, sleep, stress, and more without even touching you! Yes, that’s right, without touching you. Dozee is a thin sensor sheet that goes below the mattress and provides health insights on its app with a medical-grade accuracy of 98.4%. What about mattress thickness? It doesn’t matter! Dozee works from even under an 18-inch mattress. It has made taking care of health as easy as sleeping. 

How it works 

Dozee works on the principle of Ballistocardiography. It captures the vibrations produced by the body – every heartbeat, inhale-exhale, and body movements. These vibrations are then converted to bio-markers by Dozee’s algorithms. Setting up Dozee is a one-time process. The sensor sheet needs to be placed under the mattress, connected to the WiFi once, and that’s it. Dozee will then monitor health daily, while a user just has to sleep! 

Dozee Healthcare

Features of Dozee 

1. Detection of health deterioration in advance: Its AI engine flags any deviation from a user’s healthy self, prompting them to take action in time. This feature has proven to be life-saving in multiple cases, where Dozee was able to flag Pneumonia, Pulmonary Edema, Cardiac Arrest, etc. in advance 

2. Daily health report: Dozee provides regular reports of health vitals, sleep and stress with easy to understand quantified health parameters

 3. Detects Heart failure and Sleep Apnea: Dozee is accurate to every heart valve opening-closing, enabling it to flag risks of heart failure year in advance. It is also being used to screen apnea levels in patients. 

4. Remote health monitoring of loved ones: With Dozee, users can monitor their loved ones’ health on the go, even when they are miles away from them

5. Expert-led personalized health plans: Doctors, Nutritionists, Yoga therapists, etc. provide recommendations basis Dozee data to help users continuously improve their health 

6. AI-powered meditation: Dozee’s patented AI-powered meditation not only helps users relax but also helps them understand how effective their meditation session 

Dozee is delivering holistic care to users, from wellness to healthcare. And it is doing so at 1/100th the cost of the current standard of care. Because of its ease of use, It is bringing health monitoring to erstwhile under-monitored segments such as eldercare, monitoring burn victims, psychiatric care patients, patients in a low resource setting, etc. 

This innovative technology is supported by the Government of India and has won numerous awards, including Best Healthcare Startup Award and Best Tech Startup. It has also been selected to represent India in multiple forums across the globe. 

With its unique approach, Dozee is changing the face of healthcare and is making it predictable, data-driven, and personalized. 

Over the years, the health sector has enjoyed massive development as new tech products are designed to improve the overall health of individuals. However, an evident advancement that has occurred amidst these inventions is the use of wearable devices such as Fitbits and smartwatches.

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