Dota 2 is being considered as one of the core reasons that we won’t be having the Half-Life 3 on our systems. These were the views noticed on Steam and the gamers seem to be in a very bad mood against it. Here are some of the comments from the scenario:

“Dota killed Half-Life 3. Nuff said”.

“HL3 died for this”

“This game is derivative trash, bring back real story driven FPS games, which are the reason you are here”.

“Newell ♥♥♥♥ you (please dont delete my steam account)”

“Valve is a blood sucking company that doesn’t care about it’s User’s [sic] and refuses to make Half-Life 3”.

“I really don’t care about Half Life 3, but you know, making Left 4 Dead 3 would be pretty nice”.

So after all this criticism, what if a positive news regarding the release of Half-Life 3 appears on the scene? Fingers crossed!

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